Thursday, November 8, 2012

Adding My Drop to the Ocean...

I just finished browsing several friends' positive and negative responses to the election. Some sound so depressed. This is a picture the Lord gave me a few months ago. Perhaps it will encourage: Our country, like all nations and empires that've risen and fallen before us, is a ship afloat on a sea He created. It began as something like Noah's ark, with God as general contractor and people listening and building according to His directions. But along the way people changed focus--nationalism overtook them and they began to take pride and glory for "their" workmanship--and our ship became the Titanic. Now it's sinking. In the broad scheme of the universe, we are like bacteria on the ship. From that perspective, does it really matter who the head bacteria is? There is really no man who can turn this situation around. I don't see anything in Scripture that promises that this nation will be preserved. Rather, we will reap justified consequences. If God wants to make this nation strong, He can, but I think we've passed a point of no return, and we've passed it in His perfect timing. Rather than putting our hope in the boat, and teaching our children to put theirs there, we need to practice putting our hope in the God of the boat and the sea. I think we're gonna end up going for a swim, and the map our kids are about to take charge of is going to look very different from what we grew up with,'s not a surprise to God. He's got a plan, and He's the perfect Lifeguard. ;~)

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