Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Auditory Smorgasbord

It is finished... Homeschool co-op classes, the Rest in Rivendell/Lii campaign, AND hunter's safety! Success reverberates from all three endeavors. A vibrant ornithologic dawn song is also reverberating through my window this morning, wrapping 'round me like a light cocoon in which I can study peacefully...the perfect amount of "noise" to keep an auditory learner from, as my daughter says, "deconcentrating." For a quick, free diagnostic tool to help determine your primary learning style and concise descriptions, strengths, and tips for each, click here

For the rest of this week we will concentrate on our end-of-year dance recital. Five of the numbers have reverberated through our house all year and we've gradually become emotionally attached to even the jazz music. The recital will be a smorgasbord of sound--40 or so songs, some of which will be nice oldies but others will be new and will crash into our senses discourteously. Between dress rehearsal and the performances, we'll hear them all at least three times. The choreography and costumes will be fabulous, and by the end we'll like each song at least a little bit. Then Dance, too, will be finished for the year.

But our home will not be silent. ;~)

Sometimes I long for silence. Then when I get it, it feels like a stagnant black blanket and I grow dizzy and chafe under it. Thank God for sound, for senses. Praise Him for the natural undulations of life, and be glad He sets boundaries on that sea...that fantastic smorgasbord of sensorial input.