Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kimi Says It For Me

Just before our last snowstorm this squirrel and his companion discovered the homemade feeder that hangs outside our dining room window. The birdseed was easy fodder, and the duo thrilled us as they indulged in acrobatic frenzy.

I just got my own taste of their joy. As I was searching for millet recipes (new seeds we're trying), I think I might've stumbled upon a kindred spirit in Kimi. She serves rich fodder, easily attained...encouragement, affirmation, and grounding, at the very least. I think you'd find her humble wisdom uplifting, too.

She explains in words more eloquent than mine why blogging here continues at a snail's pace.

Now...I'm going back to Yangcheng for a final cup of organic green tea with my kids and Gladys Aylward at the Inn of Eight Happinesses before we remount our mules and continue toward Tokyo.  

Ciao!  (I s'pose the Chinese don't wish each other farewell the same way the Europeans do, but we're not overly focused on languages this year.)