Sunday, September 21, 2008


That's the reading on our trip odometer.

In miles...


It was a long trip, but it was good. We consciously acknowledge that we were led, challenged, and blessed the whole way. As I consider the vehicle issues, finances, time, personal logistics, and events of our two-week "heritage/overview-of-the-west" vacation in our current economy, our trip seems somewhat "unreasonable." I'm still in awe of God's handiwork and wondering what His purpose is. From our perspective, He sure went to a lot of trouble! Makes me determined to "get" whatever He wants me to out of the experience!

We're still putting things in order at home, preparing to get back into routine, and processing what we experienced.  Between us, we captured approximately 700 photos and video clips. This week the kids and I will concentrate on producing photojournals, and may post some of our favorite shots.

I learned much...I think. Enjoyed much, also. A HUGE thanks to my family for all the hosting and stories. Dad, one of our favorite things was watching your eyes twinkle as you shared your boyhood haunts and antics. Mom--THANKS for the hospitality, painting, and special surprise pear pie! And Sis, I really like putting together devotions for all the kids with you. The potential for sharing Godly legacy seems to increase exponentially when the cousins are together, and I'm glad we were in it together, too! ;~)

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey L, That is a lot of miles!! And together time in the car! I am glad you got home safely!
I am now on blogspot also and I will link to you if you like. I needed to spread my wings, and have been corresponding with some great Canadian gals, and some from England. I have also joined two photography groups, IF you click on Far Side of Fifty you can follow me over and take a look. I just use the same post here as on Areavoices. The photos group stuff is the only different thing so far:)