Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dressing Hair

This evening it was my honor to be the first customer at a new beauty salon. I called my new hairdresser at 6:50pm, and she squeezed me in at 6:51. (She closes at 7:00 so as to be in bed ready for storytime by 7:30...) 

I received hair extensions to the middle of my back, a fabulous curry with several different brushes (I guess they each do something different), some kind of invisible finishing spray, and a couple of old-fashioned bobby pins (because they're coming back in style...or something). The "mirror" through which I was asked to appraise my new look was a well-loved audio CD! (How "now" is that?!)

By 6:58 I was all fixed up and out of the chair, and she was c-l-e-a-n-i-n-g  u-p!!!  ;~)

And she only charged me 19 Mexican pesos!  (Far Guy could afford her easy, and he could really use the hair, too!)

My reward for being the first customer and sitting so still in the chair was an appreciative hug and kiss...

And with emotion so strong it stunted verbal communication, I watched as shock at this unexpected "with-ship" battled with real joy trying to erupt from the shy smile and shiniest eyes my daughter's had in...well, a really long time... I care for, protect, provide, watch, evaluate, teach, train, motivate, and enjoy my children pretty consistently, but I seldom PLAY WITH them... It appears that playing may somehow be as important an ingredient for security and trust as protection and provision?!!

Thank You, Lord, that Jesus played with our children, mourned at our funerals, rejoiced at our weddings, fished and paid taxes with us, died for us, and lives and walks with us as our personal Savior. Thank You for His example, and the joy and responsibility of walking as He walked. Thank You for the opportunity to walk near and play with our precious in-process children. Please forgive us for any way we've taken them for granted, or caused them to stumble or question Your goodness. Help us, Lord, to remain committed to Your people, because You remain committed to us.*

(And thank you, Alicia, for the online devotional and prayer...)

*Lightly adapted from two free online devotionals by alicia britt chole, "a personal Savior," & "the people of God." Copyright alicia britt chole. onewholeworld, inc.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Absolutely, play is how kids learn! AND while you are playing..listen with both your ears!
Great Blog Lattice! What an honor to have your hair done by a real princess!!